ASGS Conference 2014

The 25th Annual ASGS Conference - 'Developing Leadership Capacity', took place on 3rd and 4th October 2014 at The Lansdowne Club, Mayfair.

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The 2014 student conference, 2nd October 2014

'transforming lives, engineering for the future'

The ASGS ran this conference in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, Universities and Industry as part of the Government’s ‘Your Life’ campaign.

 Quotes from students:

“Last year I attended the Engineering conference at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London on The Mall. We were split into groups and had the chance to look at different types of engineering, and the different jobs offered in those specific fields. We also had the chance to look at different University’s across the country and talk to people who were doing those courses. At the end of the day we had a Q & A session with people high up in the engineering industry. This helped me assure myself that I want a future in Engineering. I enjoyed working with adults, and it gave me an insight into my future.

The next morning we went back into London to give a presentation to lots of headteachers from across the country. Even though I was nervous to start with, I enjoyed the planning and preparation of speaking to a room full of headteachers and I am glad I did it. By doing this, I had the chance to go to Mayfair and work in the building Mr Selfridge use to live!”

Hadeesah Mir

“It was an amazing experience and I had fun learning all the different ways engineering is used in the real world. My favourite part was talking to people with experience in engineering which helped me realise it is something I am interested in doing in the future. I enjoyed working with students from other schools from across the country at the engineering conference. I really enjoyed presenting at the Headteachers conference the next day because I enjoy doing presentations to people and working with adults.”

Leah Steer

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