Why Choose a Girls' School?

Learning and Succeeding.

Research has consistently shown that girls achieve more in single-sex schools. They make better decisions about their future and are not afraid to be seen to be clever.

"Girls in single-sex comprehensives perform better than girls in mixed comprehensives, regardless of socio-economic background and ability levels"
Research Report NfER 2003

Learning to Lead

Girls' schools help their pupils to develop broad horizons, offering strong female role models and provide high expectations. They provide greater leadership opportunities. 
"The girls' choices of future occupations were even more diverse and ambitions ..... Over 80% of this socially diverse group of girls expressed their intention to attend university."
Research Study - London Metropolitan University 2002

Learning with Confidence

Girls acquire higher self-esteem and greater self-confidence. Girls' schools create opportunities for appropriate educational risk-taking.

"All-girls' settings seem to provide girls a certain comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interests, especially as they approach adolescence."
Dr Rosemary Salamone, 'Same, Different, Equal: Rethinking Single Sex Schooling